Collection 1


The ''collection 1'' includes 2 shells Engina Mendicaria, 4 shells Helecostula Annulata mixed(land shell),4 shells cebu beauty , 20 shells Nerita Comunis, 2 shells  Nerita Exuvia, 4 shells Echininus Comingui (land shell), 2 shells Land Shell Green, a  Natica Vittelus (stripe), a Architectonica Perspectiva, 3 shells Pecten Nobilis, 2shells  Mitra Rogosa, 3 shells Pecten Striatos, 2 shells Arca Arca, 2 shells Strombus Lychuanus , a Yellow Land Shell left handed, 3 shells Turbo Bruneus and a Cypraea caputserpensis.
The shells are delivered in a clear box  free of charge.  

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