Collection 6


The “Collection 6” includes one Moon Shell(Natica Aurantium) , 4 land shells- Helecostyla Annulata mixed, 2 Engina Mendicaria, one Land shell named Echininus Comingui, one Drupa shell, one Architectonica Perspectiva shell, one Pecten Phalium shell, one Pecten Striatos shell, one Land shell named Surigao, one Tectarius Coronatus, one female shell Cassis Cornuta, one pair of China clam small size, one Phallium Bandatum, one Harpa small, one Lambis Scorpio shell, one Murex Indivia, one Lopha Christogialli –single, one Strombus Pugilis shell, 3 pairs of Pecten Nobilis and finally one shell named Voluta Bespertillo.

The shells are delivered in a clear box  free of charge.  

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