Product 1


The ''Product 1'' includes twelve Pecten Nobilis shells, one Nautilus shell, a  Ryozota Ovum (Ensomada), two pieces of Coral Princess, two Barbatus Spondylous shells, one pair of Elongata Squamosa, two Cardium Unido shells, six Violet Clams, one Stripe shell, two Architectonica Perpectiva shells, five Helecostula Annulata shells, two Land Snails, twenty Nerita Comunis, one Phalium Bandatum, one Turbo Revii shell, one Mitra Mitra shell, one Bursa Rana shell, one Cymatium Pelliare, one shell Archatina Fulica, one shell Terebra Maculata, two Cypraea Tigris, one Cypaea Arabica shell, one Turbo Argyrostoma shell, one Tectus Pyramis Strawberry, one Tectus Pyramis Natural, five Conus (mixed), two Oval shell, one Harpa Harpa, one Fasciolaria Trapezium, one Fusus shell, one Dinocardium shell and one Lambis Chiragra shell.

All shells are delivered in a basket free of charge.

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