Collection 3,Special offer -40%


5.50€ -40%discount until 30/12.

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The “Collection 3” includes one Cyprae Lamarscki shell, a Murex Palmarosea, 3 Pecten Nobilis, a Terebra Turetilla and a Terebra Maciulata , one female small shell named Cassis Cornut, a Cerethium Nodolosum,a Strombus Lentegenosus, one Cymatium Pirum, one shell called Squamosa Elogata, 2 Violet Clams Polished , 15 Nerita Black shells, one Pecten Phalium, one Hemicardium , 2 Land Shells , 4 Oliva black and mixed shells, one green Land Shell and one Green Natural Tectus Piramis.

The shells are delivered in a clear box  free of charge. 

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