Home Decoration February 18 2014

With a little imagination and skill you can come up with a beautiful  nautical decors. Invite the beach and the sea in your home!

In Martha's Steward blog , we find out some clever uses and purposes around the home.



A wide-mouthed, spiral nautilus shell can double as a pearlescent vase for bedroom bouquets.


Make waves with an arrangement set in a seashell. The trick is to fit a piece of floral foam inside the shell. Then you can tuck in stems, and they'll stay put. Here, variegated hosta leaves and frilly ferns cup a green-and-white cluster of Queen Anne's lace. Buy one at our crafts store.


Shell Salt-and-Pepper Dishes

Four clam or scallop shells make a summery set of salt-and-pepper dishes. First, run four shells per set through a dishwasher, secured in the silverware caddy. For the base, turn two shells topside up, and hot-glue them together at the hinge. Glue together the other two shells; then lay them face up and crosswise over the base, and glue.



We love all of them. Find out more at http://www.marthastewart.com/